Guidelines for authors of reports of the MIPT Scientific Conference.

I. Introduction

Before submitting, please read carefully these requirements and the additional information published on the conference website

With any questions, please contact by e-mail at

II. Submission of report

  1. Reports for the conference are submitted at the website in the "Add a Report" section.
  2. If a report has several authors, please list them all in the order in which they will be listed in the conference program.
  3. Use the "Choose File” button to upload a zip-file (example), which should contain the following files:
    1. art.doc (or art.docx)– abstract of the report in the format MsWord 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010;
    2. art.pdf – full version of the report (including information about the authors) in PDF format;
    3. fig1.jpg, fig2.png, fig3.gif, ..., fig9.jpg – figures (if any) in the format of JPG, GIF, PNG.
    Other files and/or files in other formats will not be accepted..
  4. art.doc file is used as the source for paper publication of abstracts and goes through several stages of proofreading. Thus it is subject to the following limitations: file size should not exceed two pages (including heading, figures and references).
  5. art.pdf file is placed on the conference website and should contain the full version of the report (up to 4MB). No restrictions apply to the length of its content.

III. Contents of Report

  1. Art.doc file should contain the following parts (as described and strictly in the order given below):
    1. Heading of the report, including:
      • UDC code;
      • Title of report;
      •  Information about the authors: full names (initials and surname of the author, initials first; if there are several authors, they should be listed on a single line separated by commas), full name of the organization (if several, they should be listed on separate lines center-aligned, and if the authors work in different organizations, it should be denoted by superscripts).


      UDC 517.518.23

      3 Mathematical modeling of the mechanism of occurrence of sunspots
      A.B. Petrov1,2, C.D. Sidorov1
      1The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (state university)
      2Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of RAS

    2. Main text of the abstract (see. Section IV). Tables will not be accepted; figures should be applied as separate files;
    3. Paragraph indicating funding (if applicable);
    4. References: references to unpublished sources are not allowed;
    5. List of figure captions (if any). Captions should have the following form: "Fig. No. Name", where N is a consecutive number of the figure, and Name should not exceed 3 lines of text (may be omitted). Combined figures should be submitted in one file and share one caption.

IV. Text, formulas, sections, references

  1. Text of the abstract is only accepted in the Microsoft Word format (97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010, *.doc or *.docx).
  2. Text formatting should be as follows: Times New Roman font, font size 12 pt, 1.5 line spacing, A4 paper format, vertical orientation.
  3. Hyphenation should not be used.
  4. All formulas should be typed in MathType format.
  5. None of the formulas should be wider than 80 mm. If the formula exceeds 80 mm, it should be broken into parts, each part typed in a separate MathType window and placed on a separate line.
  6. For variables, only the Latin and Greek alphabets can be used.
  7. References to formulas, figures and literature should be given, respectively, in the following formats: “(N)”, “Fig. N” and “[N]”, where N is an integer (strokes are not allowed).
  8. References to combined figures should be given as "Fig. Na”, where N is an integer, and a is a Latin letter.
  9. It is not allowed to refer to a formula before it appears in the text.
  10. Figures and literature should be enumerated strictly according to their first mention in the text.

V. Figures

  1. Figures are accepted only in the formats JPG, GIF, PNG.
  2. It is recommended to use PNG format for graphs.
  3. Figures are accepted in black and white or grayscale only. Please note that color images will be automatically reduced to shades of gray with the "readability" of the result not guaranteed.
  4. Figures should be in very good quality (approximately, at least 1000 pixels wide for a page-wide horizontal image).
  5. At normal scale the font size used in the figure should be 10-14 pt; designations of quantities should be typed in italics and numbers – in regular font.
  6. Figure caption should be placed below the image in the file with the main text (i.e. it should not be inserted at the figure).
  7. Combined figures (referred to as "Fig. 1a", "Fig. 1b") should be submitted as a single file.

VI. References

  1. References should be preceded by the subheading "References.".
  2. Reference to a source should be given in the language of this source.
  3. References to several sources cannot be given under a single number.
  4. When referring to an author's book, the following information should be listed in the given order: names and initials of authors, title of book, volume number and name (if any), city, publisher, year, number of pages. Names and initials of authors should be typed in italics, the rest information – in regular font.
  5. Names of authors should be typed in italics; initials should be given after the surname; surname and initials should be separated by a single space only; no space should be placed between initials;
  6. If not all authors may be listed, the name of the first author should be given with addition of “[et al.]”;
  7. Title of the book should be written without the quotes, but with a period at the end; the word "Volume" should be written in an abbreviated form ("V."); the volume number should be followed by a period; the volume title should be written without the quotes, but with a period at the end;
  8. "City: Publisher, Year" group should be preceded by a dash; the City and the Publisher should be separated by a colon; the Publisher and the Year should be separated by a comma; in the absence of the Publisher, the City and the Year should be separated by a comma;
  9. The names of the cities should not be abbreviated; the publisher name should be given without the quotes;
  10. “Pages” is abbreviated as “pp.”;
  11. If the authors are indicated, the editor should not be specified.
  • When referring to a scientific paper, the following information should be listed in the given order: surnames and initials of authors, title of paper, name of the edition, year, volume (if any), pages. E.g.

    David J. Huggins, May Marsh, Mike C. Payne Thermodynamic Properties of Water Molecules at a Protein-Protein Interaction Surface. – J. Chem. Theory Comput. – Article ASAP

  • When referring to a report in the proceedings, the following information should be listed in the given order: surnames and initials of authors, title of report, name of the event, theme of the event, year, volume (if any), pages.